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Project Description
Toggly is a nice little Toggl client for Windows Phone 8.1+

Project Motivation
Toggl is a simple and modern time tracking service for anyone who needs to track their work time, projects, and similar stuff. They offer a free tier service and mobile clients for both Android and iPhone, but not for Windows Phone.

Toggl API is freely available so I decided to give it a try and remedy the lack of WinPho support myself. Hence, Toggly.

Note: the Toggly project is designed as a Windows Universal App - Windows Modern (former Metro) version might be coming further down the line

Project Goals
The main goal of Toggly is, obviously, to allow users to track their time directly from a Windows Phone device. That means mostly loading the user's account, workspace, client, and project data and the ability to upload new time entries.

Secondary goals include a simplistic yet capable user interface, ability to review the user's existing time entries and summaries, and opening the user's PDF exports.

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